Message From The Management

Dear Parents,

Thank you for considering SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools, one of the country's finest schools, for your child! in this brochure, through words & pictures, we have tried to capture the real essence of our schools.

The vision of SHEMFORD extends beyond the narrow walls of classrooms & textbooks. It is a world where each SHEMFORD FVStar undergoes meaningful & joyful learning while being the center of our education system. Be it our stimulating environment, attractive interiors, innovative curriculum, engaging activities, fun-filled events, celebrations etc. - everything has been developed as per the interests, learning styles & capabilities of our SHEMFORD Stars. Therefore, it is no wonder that each child at SHEMFORD enjoys & gains from the learning process in our nurturing & encoring environment and looks forward to school days more than holiday.

We provide a caring, supporting and positive learning environment for children where they gain a range of experiences both inside and outside the classroom. We also encourage our children to identify their strengths & explore their talents, so that they can make the most of their skills and reach the highest standards. In our school, education is imparted for foster all-round excellence & also instill in our children sound values, so that they emerge as young, confident & capable human beings.

We are confident that our wonderful system, combined with our dedicated and loving teachers will nurture your child and ensure that he/she is able to reach his/her true potential in his/her school years and the years beyond that. We hope that you are as excited as we are, about your child's entry into the safe, secure and welcoming environment of SHEMFORD, where we convert each moment into a wonderful learning experience.

We look forward to uniting your family with ours and embarking together on a journey which is exciting, Enriching & Rewarding!!.

Best wishes for a Successful & Happy School year!


Shemford School


The school is being run under the aegis of Radha Devi Educational trust whose Chairman is Mr. Suresh Sharma, M.L.A. Muzaffarpur. Founder members of the school are Mr. Rajeev Kumar & Mrs. Richa Sharma. Shemford Futuristic School, Muzaffarpur was inaugurated on 13/12/2013. The inauguration was well attended by dignitaries of the town who were told about the thought behind launching, this, one of its kind school in the town.

Though Muzaffarpur has been considered the educational hub of Bihar for decades, the trustees always felt lack of quality education in the town, which was resulting in migration of the students to bigger towns. Hence the management decided to gift the city with a unique school where education is delivered along with exposure to the outside world.